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Motivaato-ohjema palvelukuvaus
Valmennukset ja puheet palvelu avaukset

Yksilö valmennus

Motivation program


The motivation program was created to help you find your motivation and succeed in your goals.

When your goals are clear, you know where to go and

how you can succeed in your goals. You will also learn ways to

with which you make your goals come true! 


Motivation is of great importance to the success of the person 

and the company! When every employee understands what

motivates them. They do their job much better. 


Do you want to help your superiors and employees?

To be motivated and produce the best possible results,

for your company and mission? 

What is the motivation in the program?


In the motivation program, you can find both a team and an individual option. Team coaching is suitable when you want to encourage and improve the well-being of the entire staff, as well as increase team spirit. Team coaching, can also be arranged for teams  working with sales/customer service/other special area of expertise. The individual program focuses a step deeper on the person's own needs and challenges, and is thus suitable for a development-oriented person, a salesperson, or someone who needs support in stress management or overcoming a challenging life situation. The program has been created so that if it becomes clear in the team program who would need or want individual support, it can be offered during the program or afterwards separately, to guarantee better success.

"The training focused on good and right things.
Reminded of important things that are often known
but have managed to be forgotten. "

Asiakkaiden sanoin

jyri isotupa.jpeg
"Coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to be a superhero in their own life."
Jyri Isotupa, Are Sales Manager, Turva
turvan logo.png
Making the wheel of life seemed to be exciting and even partly challenging for the people. However, the results were positive and certainly gave encouragement that small changes in attitude and small goals can have a big impact on one's well-being, both in one's own life and in one's working life. Ramanda brings brilliant energy to the work community!
- Päivi Isopuro, Montessouri kindergarten Aurinkoleijonat 
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peter lindros - pargasstad.jpeg

The aim was to remind the foremen of how important it is that as foremen discuss occupational health and well-being with your employees. The positive was an different point of view on health and well-being from a slightly different perspective. The presentation was natural and fresh. - City of Pargas, Human Resources Manager, Peter Lindroos

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Haluatko jutella lisää ja oppia miten voisimme auttaa myös teidän yritystä?
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