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Are you looking for coaching or training for a recreation day? Do you want to improve your employees' endurance, motivation and work efficiency? 


We keep the recreation day energetic and inspiring, bringing results that will last and currently bringing you new ways of working and ideas that will help you improve the mood and productivity of the staff for a long time to come. 


Although we swear by long programs, we have noticed through our customers how much a well-planned, well-planned coaching session that takes your needs into account can help the well-being of the company and its employees. 


We will be happy to bring our know-how and energy to your recreation day.


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At the request of our customers, the body of the recreation day program has been as follows: 

First part: An inspiring speech, with the story of our founder through competitive sports and  growing pains, to a (successful) well-being and balanced everyday life. 

The second part: My own well-being and the development of one area of life. Each participant gets a coaching enemy from us, their own VoimaVaraBank. Where they get to fill out the 12-part life wheel and when we notice how uncomfortable it is to drive on an uneven car tire, we are motivated to improve our lives. In coaching, everyone creates a goal for 1 area of life and creates action steps for its success. We help here and strongly believe in individuality in this matter as well. 

The third part: The team and its well-being. We divide into smaller groups to bravely and daringly think about what would make the workplace an even better place? What would increase your own well-being at the workplace. With the help of the coach, we put the best results together for everyone to see, and after this, this information is at your disposal. Based on this, you can start developing workplace well-being, step by step with an enthusiastic team. 


Sound awesome? Doesn't it sound great? 


After the training, your team leaves excited and hopeful, with the help of a few tools that increase well-being, to continue the Refreshment Day and look forward to the work of the coming week!


Want to hear more? Click here and contact us/request an offer.

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