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Scientific insights of motivation for performance and profits growth.

Updated: 6 days ago

Numerous scientific studies corroborate the link between employee motivation and performance, underscoring its significance in driving organizational success. 🔥

Research conducted by Deci and Ryan (2000) highlighted the critical role of intrinsic motivation in fostering creativity, problem-solving abilities, and overall job satisfaction. Moreover, a meta-analysis by Grant (2008) demonstrated a positive correlation between intrinsic motivation and job performance across various industries. This makes us really happy at VoimaVaraSi, as our main skillset is to help people know what motivates them and Align that motivation with the company vision - in order to gain the most success and profits.

Motivations impact on Financial Profits and Company Growth

The implications of motivated employees extend far beyond individual performance. It moves through all the financial constitution parts and fuels sustainable growth in the companies.   

A study published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior (Cropanzano et al., 2017) revealed that motivated employees exhibit higher levels of engagement, resulting in less changes in recruitment and reduced non-attendance at work. Consequently, companies experience cost savings associated with recruitment, training, and lost productivity due to employee turnover. This we love! 😍

Furthermore, motivated employees contribute to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty, driving increased sales and revenue streams. Research conducted by Harter et al. (2002) at the Gallup Organization demonstrated a strong correlation between employee engagement and customer loyalty, emphasizing the ripple effect of motivation on overall business performance. 

Wouldn´t you love to have a happy and even more profitable organization as well?

There is always room for improvement.

Conclusion: Cultivating a Culture of Motivation

In essence, the science behind employee motivation elucidates its profound impact on financial profits and company growth. 💶

By fostering a culture that nurtures intrinsic motivation, organizations can unlock the full potential of their workforce and propel themselves towards sustainable success.

As leaders and managers, it is imperative to recognize the multifaceted nature of motivation and employ strategies that resonate with the intrinsic drivers of employees. 

By aligning individual goals with organizational objectives, providing meaningful feedback, and fostering a supportive work environment, businesses can harness the transformative power of motivation to achieve unexpected heights of success.🔥

This is what we at VoimaVaraSi bring to workplaces and teach leaders and teams to do. If you want to learn more about how you can benefit from taking these skillsets to the next level, please contact us by email at: info(@) or send us a message through our contact for on this webpage and well be happy to help!

ps. We will provide our feedback on how your organization can grow and benefit from these skilllsets, free of charge - to those who are serious about their growth and passes our "Let´s work together" - questionnaire. You can get it by emailing to us or applying online for a session with us.

Rooting for your companies success,

VoimaVarSi founder and CEO Ramanda Andersson

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