Voimavarasi Oy offers versatile coaching and speech packages for companies. Our Services increase the goal-orientation of both the employee and the company and provide tools to achieve these goals through individuals.

To support our services, a versatile set of indicators has been built to monitor the development of both the individual and the company during the programs.

On this site you find information about our different programs and services.

Motivation program

A motivational program developed by a former top athlete to help identify personal motivational factors. Identifying motivations and know your goals is the basis of work motivation and a being able to lead your team to great success and motivation.

Team coaching

Team Coaching Part A (3 hours)

-Initial survey and measurement

-Introduction of motivational factors

-Building steps

Independent learning

-Material for individual development

-Measurements for the progress

Team coaching part B (3 hours)

-Development review and final measurement

-Ensuring continuity

450 € / person + VAT. 24%

+ Monthly measurement programs ( 3 options)

At least 12 people

Individual coaching as a part of team coaching

Personal coaching

In Personal coaching we dive deeper into the needs of the individual, in this way we help with motivation and goals. Personal coaching can be implemented either as individual coaching session in connection with team coaching or as longer entities.

100 € / person + VAT. 24%


Well-being Coaching programs for employees and leaders

We offer Customer-oriented training packages, to support the company's productivity and individual well-being with it. Our training aims to increase the productivity of the company through the internal well-being and motivation of the individual.

We tailor the offers individually. Ask for an offer for your company:


Individual coaching for employees and leaders

We can also support your company's employees through individual coaching. If an employee needs an understanding of their own motivational factors or is going through a bigger life change, we can support the employee’s well-being through individual coaching.

We offer services remotely for 125 € + VAT / h / person.

If your company wants a bigger package or wants the service provided on site, please ask us for an offer by email at:

Individual coaching helps to identify one's own motivational factors and thereby supports the company's performance, productivity and permanence.


What is coaching and how does it work?

In individual coaching, the person receives the coach's full attention and we are able to focus on the needs and goals of the individual throughout the whole coaching session. The session begins with a short attendance exercise, after which we map out the client’s current situation using the life cycle we have developed, and then we set our goals that we want to reach.

Once a goal is set, we look for the necessary action steps and motivation factors needed to achieve the goals. The customer receives a clear action plan that allows him or her to transfer the necessary steps of change into everyday life and the working day.

An action plan and identifying the motivational factors behind the wanted outcome is a recipe for success in our coaching.

The coach is not an advisor, but helps the client with questions and various exercises to identify their own needs and goals that will help make the change happen.

We motivate, mentor and are friends on the way to successful goals!



Coaching oriented and insightful keynote speeches for different occasions.

Learn to lead yourself to a sense of purpose and fall in love with your life - through a inspirational speech. Through stories, coaching methods, and imaginative journeys, we help you and your audience recognize your own goals in life and realize how wonderful life can be when we find our own motivational factors.

The speeches are well suited for well-being days at work, seminars, fairs, and other corporate and organizational events.

The speeches are tailored to the target audience and can also be given in Swedish and English.

Speeches and offers for events can be requested by e-mail


Our Coaching and speeches are carried out in accordance with our values:

Our values ​​- Excellent customer service, Loyalty, Meaningfulness, Courage.

Our mission: We help business and organizations to create joyful, meaningful and goal oriented results.

Our vision - To change a million peoples working life into a meaningful experience, together with amazing companies.

Thank you for cooperating with us and making our vision a reality.